4 quintessential car insurance add-on covers that you should consider

Even a comprehensive car insurance policy doesn't cover all types of losses. Furthermore, your comprehensive car insurance will not pay you the full amount of your car if it gets stolen either. The limitation of comprehensive car insurance online policies doesn't end here. All car insurance online plans with comprehensive coverage don't offer roadside assistance too. Now that you are aware of the disappointing fact that your car insurance online plan, you should look to strengthen the coverage of your car insurance policy by availing some of the best car insurance add-on covers available in the market.  The following are best car insurance add-on cover that you can consider along with your regular comprehensive car insurance policy.

Zero depreciation cover

Over the years, the value of the insured car gets depreciated and a comprehensive car insurance policy doesn't offer the full value of the car if you file a car insurance claim. Moreover, consumable items of cars such as nuts, bolts and engine oil are not covered entirely under the coverage of a cheap car insurance plan with only comprehensive coverage. Being armed with a zero depreciation car insurance add-on cover you can get the full value of your car parts.

Electronic circuit and engine cover

The most expensive components of a vehicle are its engine and electronic circuit. In case of damage of these two costly components of your car you have to pay a hefty amount in order to have them repaired or replaced because a basic car insurance online plan doesn't cover the loss of these parts. You, therefore, should consider availing electronic circuit and engine protection cover on your car insurance renewal. Many car-owners in India suffer huge financial loss due to water ingression which consequently damages the electronic circuit and engine of the car. By availing engine protection car insurance add-on cover you can steer clear of such massive financial setback.

Roadside assistance cover

In case your insured vehicle breaks down in the middle of a deserted highway, you are left with no rescue measures. This is simply because a basic car insurance policy doesn't offer any assistance if your car remains stranded due to engine or any other technical reasons. This is where a roadside assistance car insurance add-on cover comes into play. This type of car insurance add-on cover not only offers fuel benefits or flat tyre replacement assistance but also provide accommodation and  alternative transport facility to car insurance policyholders in India.

Return to invoice cover

Even if your car gets completely stolen or damaged beyond any scope of repair, your comprehensive car insurance plan will not provide you the full amount that you earlier paid to purchase your vehicle from the showroom. This is simply because as your gets older, its value depreciates. However, a return to invoice car insurance add-on cover takes the depreciation out of the equation and help car-owners get the full invoice value of their insured vehicles.

With these 4 car insurance add-on covers, you might have to pay higher premium on your car insurance plan but you can rest assured that you don't have to burn a whole in your pocket.


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