Get comprehensive car insurance from National Insurance

Car insurance is legally mandated in India. If you own a car, you have to have car insurance policy to be legally eligible for driving. There is no dearth of car insurance providers in India; however, you should resort to the best car insurers like National Insurance. National Insurance provides a wide range of benefits to car-owners. Let’s take a look at the advantages of opting for car insurance plans from National Insurance.
Salient features of National auto insurance policy
National auto insurance policy is designed for cars used for domestic, social and professional purposes. National Insurance Company Limited doesn’t offer car insurance plans to cars used for pace making, racing, speed testing and the likes.
National motor insurance plans are usually issued on annual basis. Long-term car insurance plans are also available with National Insurance Company.
Car-owners can buy car insurance online after going through National car insurance quotes and can also get National car insurance renewal done pay paying through netbanking or by using debit and credit card.
Coverage of National motor insurance policy
  • Like all insurers, National Insurance Corporation also provides both third party liability coverage and package or comprehensive coverage to car-owners.
  • In third party coverage, National Insurance car policy pays out up to Rs. 7.5 Lakhs in case of third party property damage
  • National motor insurance plans also cover third party death and disablement 
  • National auto insurance policy with comprehensive coverage also safeguards insured vehicle from a wide range of natural and man-made disasters.
  • National Insurance car policy also provides personal accident coverage for owner-driver of the insured vehicle.
Additional coverage of National auto insurance policy
  • National Insurance also covers legal liabilities of car-owners to their paid drivers of the insured vehicle for an additional premium.
  • Car accessories can also be included in the coverage of National car insurance policies
  • National auto insurance policy also provides personal accident coverage to passengers of the insured vehicle for an additional premium.
Discounts available with National motor insurance plan
Discount is a great way to reduce National car insurance quotes on National car insurance renewal. The following are the discounts available with National auto insurance policy.
  • National Insurance provides discount on car insurance premium for accumulating NCB by not making claims
  • National car insurance policies offer discount for incorporating anti-theft devices in the insured vehicle
  • Discount is also available for special vehicles designed for physically and mentally challenged people.
  • Car-owners can also gain discount on their car insurance premium if they go for higher deductibles.
What does National motor insurance policies don’t cover?
  • Any accident due to driving under the effects of intoxicating substances is not covered by National Insurance car policies. 
  • Any mishap while driving without a driving license is excluded from the coverage of National Insurance motor policies.
Consequential loss, general wear and tear and mechanical and electrical breakdown are not included in the coverage of National Insurance car policies.