Keep your family safe and sound with National health insurance plans

Health insurance plans are now quintessential as it helps one stay financially protected in this day and age of exorbitant medical expenses. There are many providers of health insurance in India such as National Insurance Company. For all your health insurance requirements, you can resort to National Insurance Company which is the oldest general insurance company in India and have been providing quality health insurance products for over a century now. National health insurance policies come with a wide array of beneficial features. Let's take a look at the reasons why you should go for National health insurance plans.

Key features of National health insurance policies

·         Armed with a National health insurance plan you can seek cashless treatment facility in more than 6000 hospitals across India in the network of National Insurance Company. So, you can rest assured that you are never too far away from a cashless facility if you avail National health policy.
·         All National Insurance mediclaim policies come with lifelong renewal option. Hence, if you renew National health insurance in time, you can stay covered forever.
·         Online National Insurance health plans pay out the cost of medical check-up if you don't make any claim on your National health insurance policy for 4 continuous years  up to a maximum limit of 1% of the average Sum Insured of 4 years
·         National Insurance Company offers cumulative bonus for not making claims as well. You can gain cumulative bonus worth 5% of the Sum Insured of your National health insurance for each year without a claim.
·         National Insurance Company Limited offers 10% discount on the premium of National health insurance if you avail an online National Insurance health policy for your family and including you.
·         A family National Insurance mediclaim policy includes as many as 6 family members.
·         National health insurance plans cover the cost of treatment before and after hospitalization as well. The coverage of National health insurance plans is available for 30 and 60 days for before and after hospitalization respectively.
·         National Insurance Company doesn't impose any mandatory co-pay. National health insurance policyholders can choose 2% copay and in that case their premium outgo would be reduced by 10%.

These are the best traits of National health insurance plans for which you should resort to National Insurance Company. However, National health insurance plans also come with some downsides that you should be aware of as well. Medical insurance plans available with National Insurance impose sub-limits to cover various expenses during hospitalization. National Insurance Company imposes a strict waiting period of 4 years for all National health insurance plans when it comes to covering pre-existing diseases.

National health insurance renewal process is also very easy if you have online National Insurance health plans.  You just have to visit the portal of National Insurance Company, provide some basic details and make the payment online to renew National health insurance plan. Once you receive the new policy copy, your National health insurance renewal process gets over.


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